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Make Your Road Trip Safer for a Comfortable Journey

When going on a road trip requiring long drives, you’ll need to plan for it to make sure you’re prepared to handle getting behind the wheel for extended periods at a time, guaranteeing you and your passenger’s safety. That said, here are ways to prepare for long drives and road trips, keeping you alert, energized,

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The Impact of Covid-19 on Traveling

The various institutions of our world have taken a significant toll because of the pandemic. Businesses were forced to shut down, schools had to close their doors and adopt a new method of teaching and learning, and medical institutions are in full capacity to accommodate the number of patients seeking aid on their doors. These adverse

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Travel Activities for Adventurous Hearts

Everyone should travel at some point in their lives. That’s already a pretty common saying nowadays, we see it plastered everywhere. From YouTube videos of travel vloggers to the IG of internet-famous travelers, we always see people encouraging others to travel. But traveling on its own isn’t exactly fun if all you do is stay

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national park

What to Remember When Visiting a National Park

The United States is home to 62 national parks, totaling tens of millions of acres of protected land for every American to enjoy. They are a testament to the immense cultural and natural heritage of this nation and represent our freedom, diversity, and history. In 2019, the National Park Service was visited over 320 million

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Neighborhood Guide: How to Explore Orchard Road

Singapore is home to a number of diverse neighborhoods, each with plenty of things to see and explore. Despite the small size of the island, you’ll find plenty of areas jam-packed with culture, food, and history. One such area is Orchard Road, Singapore’s most renowned shopping street, and there’s more to it than just glamorous

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How to be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown

You do not have to leave your hometown to see new places and have new experiences. You can become a tourist and learn more about the place you were born. Here are some things that you should do to discover the wonders of your hometown: Eat at all the Local Restaurants Go on your own food tour

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Passing the Time While Waiting for Your Connecting Flight

Nonstop flights are fantastic for getting to your destination as quickly as possible. You get to do the whole transit in one go and get to your destination faster. But it can be challenging physically to travel the whole plane journey in one sitting — the longer the flight, the more demanding on your body.

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It’s Possible to Live Off the Grid, But It’s Tricky

In 2020, the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel strain of the coronavirus. This aggressive version of the flu infected more than 3 million people in the span of 3 months and brought entire nations to a halt. Almost overnight, governments around the world instituted lockdowns and quarantines, forcing people

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