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Learning About the Best Beauty Secrets of Celebrities

Let’s be honest: whether you’re a female star who invests a lot of time on the red carpet, you usually have a reasonably decent glam team. The top hairstylists and top makeup artists who have years of practice know all of the latest techniques and strategies. There are certain beauty and makeup secrets that celebrities

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mother and daughter

Wellness Maintained: How to Ensure the Wellness of Your Older Loved Ones

The need to take care of your own personal wellness is of prime importance, especially in the post-pandemic world. Over the past year, everyone has undoubtedly experienced immense amounts of stress and anxiety brought about by a lot of unfortunate circumstances. More than this, however, you also have to take into consideration the well-being of

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Essential Lifestyle Changes to Support an Active Life

Many of the younger generations right now are living active lives. They do sports, go to the gym, and travel as much as they can. They are experiential beings looking to experience the world and everything it has to offer. However, living such an active life can have detrimental effects on your body when not done

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Why You Might Be Losing Sleep More Often These Days

There’s nobody in this world that will deny a good night’s rest; it’s what repairs the body after a long day of hard work, rejuvenates the mind after the numerous mental challenges, and calms the soul after all the stress it had to endure. In fact, some people even go the extra mile, such as

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Don’t Miss the Opportunity to De-stress over the Winter Break

Now that we’re on the tail-end of the Winter break and preparing for New Year’s Eve, the only thing filling most students’ minds right now is nothing but rest and relaxation. Given just how difficult it was to switch from face-to-face classes and going fully asynchronous with most online lectures, it’s safe to say that

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You Don’t Need to Be a Writer to Harness Narrative for Well-being

Many Native American tribes had their artists craft totem poles decorated with symbols that were meaningful to them. The presence of a bear would represent strength, the horse could signify freedom and mobility, the eagle perhaps a symbol of divine connection or guidance. Our affinity for specific creatures persists today, and we might wear animal rings or

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The Health Benefits of Marriage and Long-term Relationships

The effort that it takes to maintain a long-term relationship is immeasurable. The common misconception that people think about when it comes to seeing couples in a long-term relationship is that everything is just free-flowing and easy. However, what people don’t see is the amount of time and dedication you need to make a relationship

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classy woman

Beauty and Elegance: How You Can Become a Classy Woman

These days, it is all too common for women to be loud, dress up inappropriately, or curse someone out to cut into traffic. After all, this is the 21st century. We have gone a long way from women being undermined and repressed. Though societal trends come and go, being a sophisticated and elegant woman never

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Eco-friendly Eating Habits: Changing The Way You Eat

When it comes to helping the environment, many people don’t know that their habits can greatly affect the environment. For example, driving your car a lot consumes a lot of gasoline while releasing pollutants into the air. If you want to start saving the world, you should begin by changing your habits, starting with how

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