haunted house

What Makes a Haunted House? Design and Psychology

You have seen it in countless films, TV shows, games, and even real life. But do you know that the “creepy feeling” you have in a house is more than just the cobwebs, the vintage furniture, or even the dark unlit rooms no one enters? Haunted houses are a staple during Halloween and of many

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blue sea offshore fishing boat with fisherman holding rod in action

Unusual Activities All Couples Need to Try at Least Once

What makes a relationship thrive and prosper? For most couples, trust, respect, and constant and clear communication are the keys to a happy, romantic relationship. But if there is one thing that can spice up your and your partner’s lives, that is making it a point to spend fun and quality time with together. This

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How Chefs Can Grow Their Career during the Pandemic

The pandemic is hard for everyone, but it’s especially more difficult for individual businesses. One of these is restaurants.  As more people prefer to hunker down, food shops have to reduce labor, curb expenses, or pivot to survive. These are on top of limiting their number of customers to practice social distancing.  Many chefs these days

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Friends looking at laptop

Reminders that First-Time Online Shoppers Need to Know

Online shopping has been popular in different parts of the world. A 2018 study revealed that about 1.8 billion people bought goods online. It has become a standard way of getting products and other items that people want to have. Now, you can conveniently request for food deliveries online. You can purchase furniture, clothes, kitchen items,

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home cooking

Scientific Reasons to Practice Home Cooking

Home cooking might be the last thing on your mind when you’re swamped with work or stressed about the children. But research showed such effort would go a long way towards your family’s health and well-being. Here are three science-backed studies that show the benefits of home cooking: 1. They Ate a Healthier Diet Obesity

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Why Green Matters More in the Time of COVID-19

Many cities all over the world are on lockdown, and people are relegated to staying inside their homes. Busy cities such as Rome, Tokyo, and London are now quiet for the first time, as tourism is down and many local hotels are closed. Some residents are relishing the peace. But many who live in small

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T Shirts

3 Promotional Products That People Won’t Ignore

Giving away promotional products are among the most effective ways to promote a business. Who doesn’t want freebies, right? But, even if that’s the case, not everyone would want an item they won’t be able to use and will just add clutter to their homes. When nobody wants your promotional products, you just end up

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man watching tv

Who’s Who in Running Man

The Korean variety show Running Man has gained popularity in South Korea and other countries. First appearing in 2010 as an urban action reality show, the long-standing series celebrated the release of its 500th episode this May. Its acclaim is well-deserved, with sold-out international cast tours, consistently high ratings, and multiple awards received both for

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man sitting near the window

Effective Ways of Combating Loneliness

Being alone and feeling lonely are two different things. There are times when people feel happier alone, but most of us crave meaningful connections and don’t like the feeling of loneliness. When you feel this way, know that feeling lonely is natural. There are, however, ways to alleviate the the diificult feelings of loneliness. Be Kind to

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turkish pots

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home in the Turkish Style

The city of Istanbul was once the capital of three historic empires: the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. While they have been lost to antiquity, their aesthetic traditions remain in the form of fabulous glittering domes, frenetic markets brimming with color, blue-tipped minarets, and amazing tile work. These themes persist as tireless sources of inspiration for

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