Why It Makes Sense to Start a New Hobby

For most people, hobbies can be a form of stress-reliever. A study says people who engage in leisure hobbies are less sad and stressed. When we get to do something we enjoy doing, it helps relieve our anxiety, forget about our daily stress, and eventually boost our mood. It also serves as a social outlet, especially

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candid wedding day

Making the Best of Your Wedding Photos

Every bride holds their wedding day as a special day. It is a time when they can feel the most beautiful. Wedding photos help to preserve the feelings and memories they have of this event. Are you a bride-to-be? If you are not a natural at posing for the camera, you might think about how

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scissors for hair

The Right Pair of Scissors for the Right Situation

Scissors are a tool that we do not ponder or consider much about. That is probably because it’s just another one that we use when we’re cooking, working in the office, doing artsy crafts, or even cutting our hair. But there’s more to scissors than what meets the eye. Some scissors are made for specific

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girl hugging herself

Causes of Low Self-confidence in Young Professionals and its Impact on Their Lives and Careers

As adults and professionals, being self-confident already goes beyond possessing the ideal physical characteristics. While their outer appearances still matter, especially in certain careers, it was found that the actual causes of low self-confidence in young professionals are way deeper than their fears about not being attractive enough. If you also suffer from low self-confidence,

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Putting a ring on it

Ways to Demonstrate Your Commitment to a Relationship

Dating and committing to a relationship are two different things. The first is more fragile and may not stand some challenges. Committing to a relationship has a more stable sound to it. People think that commitment nowadays is hard to come by. But this would be easy with the right person. When you find yourself ready

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being a photographer

Jobs You Can Still Do on the Road

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stroll into work at 11 a.m., perfectly relaxed because you were able to attend a morning yoga class? Or to only have to walk a couple of steps after work before you can belly flop onto your comfortable bed? Unfortunately, an employee doesn’t have much control over their

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men grooming

Four Habits of Well-groomed Men

Personal grooming does not mean wearing designer clothes or expensive accessories. It simply refers to maintaining every single part of your body for a pleasing appearance. No one likes to interact with someone who neglects their personal hygiene. Apart from social reasons, keeping your body clean protects you from disease and infection. Follow these habits

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girl hugging herself

What a Miss Universe Canada 2016 Has to Say About Self-Love

Media has continuously portrayed beauty as being tall, blond, and almost perfect. Society believes all this and has set impossible standards for what it means to be beautiful. Hence, we’re always under constant pressure to fit into the mold that society has carved out. We eat less, work out more, and dress according to fashion

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haunted house

What Makes a Haunted House? Design and Psychology

You have seen it in countless films, TV shows, games, and even real life. But do you know that the “creepy feeling” you have in a house is more than just the cobwebs, the vintage furniture, or even the dark unlit rooms no one enters? Haunted houses are a staple during Halloween and of many

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blue sea offshore fishing boat with fisherman holding rod in action

Unusual Activities All Couples Need to Try at Least Once

What makes a relationship thrive and prosper? For most couples, trust, respect, and constant and clear communication are the keys to a happy, romantic relationship. But if there is one thing that can spice up your and your partner’s lives, that is making it a point to spend fun and quality time with together. This

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