elderly couple talking to a consultant

5 Safety Risks for Seniors and How to Prevent Them

One of the biggest fears for people as they age is becoming incapacitated. To become a victim of one’s own body is genuinely terrifying, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. While it is understandable that you can’t watch over your elderly parents or relatives, there’s a way for you to know if

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fashion model

Fashion Trends That Claimed Their Comeback in 2021

With science, technology, and many aspects, it’s easy to see we gravitate toward innovation—forward. But this might not always be the case for fashion, such as home interior, clothing sense, or body accessories. In these areas, we tend to look back nostalgically, wonder why they even got out of style, and strive to revive those

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weight loss

What Diet Plans Can Help You With Weight Loss?

Losing weight has to be one of the toughest tests for anyone. However, there are many weight loss plans available to everyone. Mainly, you have diet plans that focus on lessening appetite or controlling fat, carbohydrates, or calories. It can be challenging determining which diet plans are worth trying because many claims they’re the best

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Loving Life Today: Is It Easy?

Covid-19 caught everyone by surprise. Although the death toll has significantly slowed down, we are still coping with the loss. We must also deal with the rising variants and the adverse effect on our economy. It is overwhelming. You are not the only one who feels exhausted by all of these. The pain and the

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terrier puppy

Caring for a Pet for the First Time? Not this Crucial Dos and Don’ts

As of 2016, the number of registered pets in Singapore was approximately 824,600. It rose during the pandemic when people found comfort in fostering or adopting pets. However, as the pandemic dragged on, many pet owners struggled to care for their furbabies. Thankfully, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has provided

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Burnt house

What to Do During a Fire Breakout

Fire can quickly spread in just a few minutes. Emergencies like this can put you and your family in a life-threatening situation, so quick action is needed to ensure your safety. Here are the things you need to know about fire disasters and what to do during and after a fire: Facts About Fires Fires

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home office

Working From Home in 2022 and Staying Healthy

Remote work, working from home, telecommuting — these are not alien concepts. Even before the outbreak of the pandemic, around 20 percent of the American workforce has been working from home. With the sudden closures of establishments and offices brought by the pandemic, the 20 percent rose to 71 percent. Now, even with vaccination rollouts

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happy family at home

A Happy and Healthy Family: Achieving a Happy Life at Home

Many people believe that happy family life happens and is not something you can put a lot of work into. In reality, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It takes some time to make home life as best as it can be. But when you do, your whole family will have many benefits in their

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Physical Flaws That Make You Beautiful

In the past, glorifying perfection is completely normal. People didn’t have qualms with skinny supermodels and fair-skinned stars. Body-shaming was even socially acceptable. If someone had a problem with those social norms, their voices weren’t heard. Until social media was born. Social media gave voice to underrepresented and marginalized groups. It allowed them to start

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