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Essential Practices to Use for a Healthy Marriage

Making marriage work is a serious commitment. Marital problems can wreak havoc on one’s mental health. Thus, it is essential to include some strategies to keep a marriage healthy. Being proactive about these things will help keep potential problems away. Here are some ideas worth trying. Learn to be “In the Now” One pitfall of

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Growing up

Seeking Experiences to Find Both Happiness and Meaning

Our modern lives can somehow manage to be both hectic and monotonous. We’re so busy being productive and crossing task after task off our to-do lists, but we seldom actually engage in various experiences. Each day tends to blend into the next with little sense of progress. This drives many people to seek out different

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Reading a book

Activities to Try with Friends in the Era of Social Distancing

The pandemic feels like a fever dream. It feels like simple joys and conveniences were stripped from us overnight. Things we used to take for granted, like going to the gym, meeting with friends for a cup of coffee, and a quick trim at the salon, were suddenly off the table. Many of us have

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Hunting trip

Hunting: A Valuable Experience for Your Kids

Hunting season is off to a good start in Michigan, and the state gears up for a deluge of hunters in November. This year has taught everyone about scarcity, making it a great time to teach your kids about hunting. Hunting comes with a lot of benefits, including new experiences and skills. Not All Fun and

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Improving Confidence: Lifestyle Changes on Boosting Yourself

It can be intimidating to see a person exuding confidence in public. You might feel envious of their personalities and wonder how they manage to attain the elimination of self-doubt in their lives. You might even wonder how you can achieve it yourself. Know that these people worked hard to achieve the confidence they are

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Life Luxuries You Should Invest In

We have been taught all our lives to buy only our needs and that life’s luxuries should be avoided. However, there are things that you should splurge on, even if you have to set aside some of your income for them. These items may contribute to the quality of your life, and can last for

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man feeling stressed at work

Burnout Recovery: Effective Methods and Strategies to Address It

When you’re an adult, there’s an unspoken obligation to work hard for a living and move forward in life. Otherwise, you’re treated as if you’re not worth it. But in your pursuit of work, you may find yourself overexerting and suffering from burnout. If that happens to you, take the time to recover with these

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