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The Pains of Working from Home: What Causes Work-related Body Aches?

Working from home used to be a privilege and a dream for many until COVID-19 happened. The global pandemic was a tumultuous time for the workforce sector and the sudden shift to new work arrangements caught everyone unprepared as employees have to convert parts of their homes into make-shift workspaces. In the beginning, many liked

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Things that Can Significantly Affect Your Promotability

You’ve been in the same company for a long time. You have seen people come and go. You’ve stayed. Unfortunately, you’ve stayed exactly where you were the first time you joined the organisation. You haven’t made any progress career-wise. So, what could you be doing wrong? When you sign up for a job, ideally, you

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These Technologies Are Helping Dental Practices

When it comes to dental care, nothing beats face-to-face interactions and personal touch. However, there’s also no doubt that different types of technology can assist dentists in improving their productivity and efficiency, as well as their profits. And with tech, they have a lot of options that they can integrate into their practice: 1. Cloud-based

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Pointers for Building Good Relationships at Work

There are plenty of benefits to having good and healthy relationships with the people you work with. For one, it will make your professional life so much more pleasant and bearable, if not enriching. It will help reduce the stress you feel at your job and help improve your psychological and physiological health. Whether you’re

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The Most Pertinent Issues in Education

Trends in education come and go. A few years ago, everybody talked about STEM learning and the importance of a science-based curriculum that would give children the best possibilities of real-life success. Today, the covid-19 global pandemic has brought issues like distance learning, the role of technology, and interactive courses to the forefront. Still, regardless of changes

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Waldorf Schools, Explained

One of the biggest reasons why we send our kids to school instead of homeschooling them is that we want them to be exposed to environments that they wouldn’t be able to properly experience at home. We want them to make friends on their own. We want them to become independent. And, most of all,

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Worst Career Change Mistakes You Should Avoid

Many of us feel too driven and passionate about our jobs during the early stage of our careers. However, you might realize that the workplace you’re at isn’t what you imagine it to be, making you think about a career change. Reasons vary but typically revolve around dissatisfaction about the working environment or the company

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Should You Still Pursue a College Degree?

Aside from being millionaires and billionaires, what do Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have in common? While they are multibillionaires who are known to have changed the way we live our lives, they are also college dropouts. Yes, none of these billionaires hold a college degree. They do have honorary degrees from several

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Turn the Volume Up: Using Music to Optimize Learning

In an increasingly competitive world where everyone is expected to perform at the peak of their abilities, it is important to find ways to achieve goals without succumbing to stress. This is especially true for children. Children are less able to manage stress effectively simply because of their lack of experience and maturity. Still, today’s

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