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Postpone the Job Hunt: What Else You Can Do After Uni

Congratulations! You’ve finally written enough term papers, memorised a whole lot of facts and figures and reasoned with your professors why you deserve to get extra credit. Life after uni can feel like a breath of fresh air. That is until uncertainty and doubt slowly creep up and spoil celebrations. Now what? It seems reasonable

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Maintain Your Vocal Health with These 6 Tips

As a musician, you’re told to care for your instruments thoroughly. With proper care and maintenance, your instruments produce better sound and improve your performance. The same advice goes when you’re a singer and your instrument is your voice. The last thing you want to happen is for your voice goes hoarse or raspy, leading

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Legal How-to: Contesting a Traffic Ticket in Court

Getting a traffic ticket is not the end of the world, but taking care of a violation can be an inconvenience. If you’re found guilty of speeding or running a red light, you’ll face financial consequences. But you might feel like you shouldn’t have been given a ticket. Or you might think that the penalty

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