relaxed and stressed

Signs of Negative Stress Responses

Stress is a normal part of life. You’re supposed to feel it during certain situations because stress helps you grow or adjust to unfavorable circumstances. It’s basically an instinct, a.k.a. the “fight or flight” response. That response is the powerful release of neurochemicals and hormones that prepare you for action. But how you respond to

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covering her ears

How Acoustic Trauma Can Take Away Your Hearing Ability

Hearing is one of our most important senses. It gives us the ability to perceive various sounds and noises. We use hearing to talk to people, listen to music, and assess environmental and social situations. Among other species, humans have a narrow hearing range with hearing structures highly susceptible to situations that can damage hearing

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children brushing their teeth

Preparing a Child for the Dreaded Dentist Appointment

A baby can be an exciting addition to any family. You can enjoy many happy and lovely moments surrounding your relationship with the child, which paints a satisfying life for most. However, having a baby is also a responsibility you have to commit to your entire life. Raising a child is full of challenges, and

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therapy concept

Psychological Trends in Health and Wellness

Traditional concepts of health, fitness, and well-being revolve around exercise and nutrition. You should eat more protein than carbohydrates and less processed sugar than natural sources like fruit. Also, you should engage in a workout routine that burns fat and increases cardiovascular endurance. While these and other views are still popular, we are at a

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woman with her grandmother

Adult Kids as Caregivers: Keeping Aging Parents Healthy and Engaged

These days, more seniors are refusing to go to a senior home. They would rather age in place or be with their adult kids and grandchildren and spend their remaining time with their loved ones. But as we grow older, we start to lose independence. It becomes difficult to make sound decisions, take care of the house,

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man drinking water

Feel Better: Making the Effort for Wellness

Being a healthier person with a good mindset is about the choices you make every day. No one is happy constantly, and it is unhealthy to think that that state of being can be prolonged. Contentment is possible, and learning to return to a state of contentment after stress can help you a great deal

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summer concept

Top Three Worst Summer Hair Problems Solved

Our crowning glory has become our ultimate obsession and fascination. With summer fast approaching, it is the perfect time to let our hair down and look its absolute best. Women are trying on different hairstyles and colors by donning their mermaid hair and knotless braids. But between all the fun times, summer brings damaging effects

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micro greens concept

Eating Microgreens for a Healthier Body

We need to keep our bodies healthy to maximize our capacity fully when fulfilling our everyday goals. The body is like a vessel. It’s our vehicle to travel across the various twists and turns of life, which only shows that it must always be in its best state to keep the journey going. When it comes

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