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Understanding and Dealing with Kleine-Levin Syndrome

Kleine-Levin Syndrome (KLS) is an extremely rare disorder that causes people to experience excessive sleepiness. They can sleep up to around 20 hours a day. Due to this, the condition was also named after a fictional character in a children’s fairytale. In some cases, people with the disorder can sleep for a couple of months.

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Pursuing a Career in the Beauty and Fashion Industry?

Now, we are staunch advocates of expressing yourself and looking your best through healthy beauty practices and sexy outfits, but have you ever considered transforming your love for beauty and fashion into a potential career in the industry? Sure, it might’ve crossed your mind at least once or twice, but have you ever given it

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Aging Gracefully: Grow Old, But Feel Young

A lot of people dread getting older. Most folks don’t look forward to wrinkly saggy skin, weakened physical conditions, and sicknesses that go with aging. However, aging doesn’t necessarily need to come with all of those negative aspects if you only have the right habits. Ideally, you would have already established good habits at this

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Healthcare Jobs You Can Get without a College Degree

In today’s time, tertiary education is not a practical endeavor, especially if it leaves you with a huge debt you’ll spend most of your adult life paying for. Some people would rather get their high school diploma or their GED and then find a job with a livable income. If you’ve dreamed of practicing medicine

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Healthy Lifestyle Choices That You Can Stick To

Adopting new healthy lifestyle changes and making them stick can be difficult, but it’s well worth it in the end. There are many adjustments you can do that can make a significant difference over time. Instead of trying to upgrade your life with one massive makeover, try making these small but efficient changes for long-lasting

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5 Sneaky Ways That Will Help You Become Healthier Without Trying

To become healthy, you need to make major lifestyle changes. You need to incorporate a healthy and balanced diet as well as regular exercise into your routine. However, for some, it might be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They might have an illness that prevents them from doing high-impact exercises, or they do not

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Practicing Self-Acceptance: Its Effects to Mental Health

Taking care of your mental health provides significant benefits in improving your lifestyle. It helps you live comfortably without worrying too much about anything. If you take care of your mental health, you will be able to give your best in everything that you do. You will be able to perform your obligations and other

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Managing Stress to Maintain Your Clear Skin

Do you get skin flare-ups when you’re dealing with a challenging project at work? Or maybe a new pimple pops up when you’re preparing for a difficult exam? We have all been stressed in one way or another, whether for a day or months. The usual stressors stem from daily experiences and our finances and

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4 Actions that Are Helpful for Your Mental Health

People need and want to do things every day. The work responsibilities, household chores, and errands will pile up on a person enough to cause stress. The endless tasks will wear you out, which could affect your mental state. Knowing that you will be facing a lot of responsibilities is enough to put you in

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