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Passing the Time While Waiting for Your Connecting Flight

Nonstop flights are fantastic for getting to your destination as quickly as possible. You get to do the whole transit in one go and get to your destination faster. But it can be challenging physically to travel the whole plane journey in one sitting — the longer the flight, the more demanding on your body.

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Isolated house

It’s Possible to Live Off the Grid, But It’s Tricky

In 2020, the world was struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by a novel strain of the coronavirus. This aggressive version of the flu infected more than 3 million people in the span of 3 months and brought entire nations to a halt. Almost overnight, governments around the world instituted lockdowns and quarantines, forcing people

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turkish pots

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Home in the Turkish Style

The city of Istanbul was once the capital of three historic empires: the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman. While they have been lost to antiquity, their aesthetic traditions remain in the form of fabulous glittering domes, frenetic markets brimming with color, blue-tipped minarets, and amazing tile work. These themes persist as tireless sources of inspiration for

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