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renting clothes

Renting Clothes: It’s Not Really Better Than Buying Your Own

Clothing is one of the top things that people spend on each year. But with fast fashion on the rise, trends easily come and go. People are more likely to spend on clothing to keep up. Also, consumer prices in the U.S. are increasing at a speedy rate, including clothing. Thus, people are looking for

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family out on a picnic

Activities to Surprise Your Outdoor-loving Loved Ones

Why would you need a gym membership when you have the outdoors conveniently available outside your front door? Outdoor activities are great because they’re healthy and fun. It’s also a great escape from mundane city life. It’s a proven fact outdoor exercise has a positive effect on the human body, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, improving

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virtual doctor's appointment

Virtual Dental Care: How Does Teledentistry Works?

Almost everything has gone remote these days, and dentistry is no exception. Making time for routine dental checkups has become difficult since the COVID-19 pandemic is still going on. But thanks to telehealth, dental care has become accessible despite the ongoing health crisis. With the shift towards virtual care, technological innovations in healthcare are gradually

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Traveling After Oral Surgery: What You Should Know

You’ve been waiting for this trip for weeks. You’ve booked your tickets, packed your bags, reserved the hotel, and planned out your itinerary down to the last detail. Everything is already set, but then your tooth starts acting up. You suddenly have to undergo oral surgery a few days before your departure. But you’ll need

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eating healthy

How to Get the Most Out of a Workout

If you plan to work out in the middle of the pandemic, you should make sure to follow proper health protocols. Even if you are fully vaccinated, the emergence of new variants is more infectious than the original virus. But you can still look forward to working out at home or a gym that follows health

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3 Ways Counselors Help Clients with Trauma

The American Psychiatric Association says that 3.5 percent of adults in the United States will be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and 1 in 11 people will experience it in their lifetime. Women are two times more likely than men to experience it. These are big numbers and will for sure grow even bigger

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