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Healthcare Jobs You Can Get without a College Degree

In today’s time, tertiary education is not a practical endeavor, especially if it leaves you with a huge debt you’ll spend most of your adult life paying for. Some people would rather get their high school diploma or their GED and then find a job with a livable income. If you’ve dreamed of practicing medicine

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couple's intimacy

How to Address Intimacy Loss in a Relationship

For some people, being intimate with another person is a horrifying thought in itself. This fear of intimacy is also called intimacy avoidance or anxiety and comes in many forms such as experiential, intellectual, sexual, and emotional. This type of condition often leads people to totally avoid being in any form of relationship or, when

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drinking hot tea

How You Can Stay Fit and Healthy During Winter

Planning out health routines for the colder months can be a difficult challenge. During the winter season, the weather will most likely make you feel sluggish, stripping off all your motivation to exercise and stay active. A study conducted in the U.S. shows that the number of Americans who practice a stable and healthy lifestyle

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pamper up

Top Tips to Look Your Best While on The Go

Keeping up good grooming while on the go can be a challenge for us travelers. We’re almost always on the move, catching the next flight, out seeing the sights, exploring the hot spots–so much so that there isn’t always enough time to keep up with our regular grooming routine. But does this mean we can’t

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Should You Still Pursue a College Degree?

Aside from being millionaires and billionaires, what do Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates have in common? While they are multibillionaires who are known to have changed the way we live our lives, they are also college dropouts. Yes, none of these billionaires hold a college degree. They do have honorary degrees from several

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