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Health Visits You Should Make When You Turn 40

As time goes by, we need to be more and more vigilant about how we take care of ourselves. Age does not necessarily have to come with aches, pains, and sickness if we are careful enough to not only live a healthy lifestyle but also be attentive when it comes to getting the right medical

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The Five Intangible Things You Can Take from an Adventure

Learning theories and concepts in school will never really sit well with us. People want to experience things and see what the professors talked about in school. When they were talking about East Asian culture, doesn’t it make you feel imprisoned in your own life? What is that big world out there is trying to

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International College Education: Is It Right for Your Teen?

If your high-schooler seems to be hinting about going to college abroad, chances are they’re actually serious about it. As a parent who’s never been away from your child, this can be shocking, and your initial response will likely be a “no.” However, a decent number of parents are actually willing to send off their

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Traveling with Sensitive Skin

There are a lot of potential triggers for sensitive skin while traveling, such as the sun, air pollution, dust, and hotel sheets, just to name a few. If you want to travel without your skin acting up, here are some essential skincare advice that you need to remember: Bring your bath and skincare essentials From

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