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scissors for hair

The Right Pair of Scissors for the Right Situation

Scissors are a tool that we do not ponder or consider much about. That is probably because it’s just another one that we use when we’re cooking, working in the office, doing artsy crafts, or even cutting our hair. But there’s more to scissors than what meets the eye. Some scissors are made for specific

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girl hugging herself

Causes of Low Self-confidence in Young Professionals and its Impact on Their Lives and Careers

As adults and professionals, being self-confident already goes beyond possessing the ideal physical characteristics. While their outer appearances still matter, especially in certain careers, it was found that the actual causes of low self-confidence in young professionals are way deeper than their fears about not being attractive enough. If you also suffer from low self-confidence,

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being a photographer

Jobs You Can Still Do on the Road

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stroll into work at 11 a.m., perfectly relaxed because you were able to attend a morning yoga class? Or to only have to walk a couple of steps after work before you can belly flop onto your comfortable bed? Unfortunately, an employee doesn’t have much control over their

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Putting a ring on it

Ways to Demonstrate Your Commitment to a Relationship

Dating and committing to a relationship are two different things. The first is more fragile and may not stand some challenges. Committing to a relationship has a more stable sound to it. People think that commitment nowadays is hard to come by. But this would be easy with the right person. When you find yourself ready

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national park

What to Remember When Visiting a National Park

The United States is home to 62 national parks, totaling tens of millions of acres of protected land for every American to enjoy. They are a testament to the immense cultural and natural heritage of this nation and represent our freedom, diversity, and history. In 2019, the National Park Service was visited over 320 million

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man playing computer games

Grab These Two Free Games from the Epic Store

Epic Games’ goal of toppling Steam’s monopoly in the PC gaming world is a tall order. The neophyte digital storefront has employed aggressive strategies, from releasing time-locked exclusive games to offering developers a higher cut from sales compared to Steam’s margin. One of their methods, which has baffled most people, is giving away free games

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